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How to Add Feeds on Idukki Collection

It’s easy to add multiple feeds to your collection on Idukki to make it more engaging and user-focused. You can source posts for a specific product using a variety of methods, including Instagram hashtags and handles, YouTube channels, Flickr albums, and Twitter timelines.

To add a feed,

Log in to your Idukki account.

Go to Collection > All Collections. Your collection list will open.

Open a collection to manage and click +Add Feed. A pop-up dialog opens. Here, you will find all types of feed sources, such as Instagram, YouTube, Threads, and X (formerly Twitter). Each source provides different methods to add posts to your collection.

YouTube: Channel, Keywords, Playlist,
Instagram: Hashtag, Handle, Tag, Mentions
Threads: Username
X (formerly Twitter): Timeline, Tweet, List

Quick Tip: You can add external media files using the Upload Media option to enrich your album with more UGC content.

You can now fetch posts for this collection from your preferred source.

Please note the number of feeds and their sync time will vary depending upon your plan. For more info, please visit our pricing section.

Learn about adding feeds from Instagram and YouTube.

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Updated on: 15/08/2023

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