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How to Add Idukki- No Code UGC Platform to Your Shopify Store

Idukki is a no-code UGC platform that allows you to create and manage user-generated content for your website. User-generated content (UGC) is any content that is created by your customers or users, such as photos, videos, reviews, or social media posts. UGC can help you boost your website engagement and conversions by showing real-time, authentic content that builds trust and increases brand loyalty.

Here's how you can add Idukki to your store:

Go to the Shopify app store and search "Idukki."

Click "Add App" to open the app listing page.

In your Shopify admin, you'll be asked to authorize the app to access your store. Click "Install app" to proceed.

On the next page, use the Click Here button under Let's Get Started.

Now you will be redirected to onboarding steps in Idukki. A pop-up will notify.

Idukki provides Single Sign-On (SSO) to save your time and effort in signing up for an account in Idukki.

Idukki Onboarding Page

In the first step (1), add your store logo and choose a primary color representing your brand. Click Save & Next to proceed.

Idukki automatically syncs critical Shopify store data, such as store name, address, product catalogue, and order history of last 60 days.

Next, you have to choose a layout (2) for the widget you want to display on your store. Idukki has multiple layouts in its library to pick from.

Idukki lets you curate your collections where you can modify your layout and other aspects of the feed to suit your requirements.

After choosing the layout, give it a title (3) for easy identification.

Now, the most important part is creating a feed.

Click Create Feed (4). An overlay will open.
Pick where you want to get posts from. For example, Instagram.
Pick what kind of posts you want. For example, #hashtag.
Write the hashtag you want and click Add Feed.

Watch the video for complete onboarding process. --

On the next screen, you can follow the quick tutorial to understand Idukki. You can learn how to manage your feed, such as tag products, show/hide a post, pin them, exercise user right management, and use the profanity filter. Once done, you can go ahead and publish it using the Publish button on the top-right.

You can create a collection of multiple feeds from different resources and curate it to match your brand.

In the Publish Collection dialog, select the page from the list where you want to publish the widget. When you select the page (let's say Homepage), the custom code automatically gets copied to the clipboard and you get redirected to the "Customize Theme" section of your Shopify store.

Here, navigate to the Add Section under Template and select Idukki UGC in the apps. Now, paste the code in the text field and click Save.

Click Ellipsis on the top left and select View from the dropdown to preview the feed.

Leverage the power of Idukki to boost your business.

Updated on: 25/05/2023

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