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How to Change Pagination Type of Your Collection

Idukki lets you choose a pagination type to help your visitors browse through your collection. You can change the pagination according to how you want to organize and display your UGC media, i.e., the layout you prefer. You can divide the posts into smaller pages and provide the page numbers or symbols in the footer for visitors to navigate.

Let us look at the different pagination types available with Idukki.

To modify the pagination type of your collection:

Go to Collection > All Collections in the left panel on your Idukki dashboard.

All Collections

On the Collections page, click Curate for any of the active collections.

Curate a collection

Click Gallery to access the settings.

Select a Pagination Type from the drop-down list. You can choose from the following:

Page Numbers- You can divide the collections into posts per page and provide page numbers in the footer to let visitors jump to any page.

Load More- You can provide the option to let visitors view more posts using the load more button at the bottom. It will load up more posts in the same organized manner.

Auto Scroll- Save the visitor's effort in loading posts by providing the auto scroll option that will load media as soon as they reach the bottom.


For pagination type to work effectively, choose the right layout along with the posts per page, columns, and spacing between posts.

I hope this helps.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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