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How to Curate Collections on Idukki

Idukki allows you to create beautiful and interactive collections of your products using user-generated content from various social media sources. You can customize every element of your collection to suit your brand and style, such as the layout, banner, heading, and filters. You can also choose from different themes and templates to make your collection more appealing. Idukki gives you more control over the aesthetics of your widgets and helps you showcase your products in the best possible way.

Quick Tip: You can try out Idukki premium templates instead of curating a collection from scratch for a start.

In this article, you'll learn customizing your collection and adding it to your website.

Opening a Collection

Before curating a collection, you need to create one by adding feed, i.e., fetching posts from different social media platforms featuring your products.

Sign up or log in to your Idukki account.

Go to Collection > All Collections on the left panel.

If you are first-time user, you will be allowed to curate your collection after creating your first collection in the onboarding process.

All Collections

Click Curate to customize a collection.


Curating a Collection

In the curate section, you can customize your widgets and every element related to them. This will help you create an attractive album of your products and publish it.

On the curate page, you will find different options on the left panel to customize.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

Layout: Choose a layout according to the placement of the widget on your website. Click the different cards to preview them and select the best option. You can pick from Grid, Collage, Carousel, Stack, among others. If your selected layout has slider, you can modify its setting as well.


Banner: You can add a banner in the header (Top Banner) and footer (Bottom Banner) of your widget to provide additional information or update visitors about any special offers. Add an image URL and hyperlink it to redirect users to the appropriate page.


Header: Modify the header of your widget.
Add a title and a subtitle. Use the text editor to stylize the text, highlight it, change font type and its size, adjust alignment, add indent.
Modify the text color of the title per your liking.
Enable Show Button and then customize the button text and text color.
Change the button color to suit your collection.
Also, hyperlink it to your preferred URL.


Gallery: For gallery, you have three subcategories:

Card Settings

Give a title to your cards
Pick a background color for the card and the text displayed on it
Adjust the font size and set its alignment
Modify the corner radius of the card to make it more visually appealing
Set the limit on the number of words per card

Card Settings

Gallery Information
Add the gallery name
Select the number of posts to view per page
Specify the columns in which you want to divide posts
Select a pagination type to help visitors navigate through the widget
Set spacing between the posts

Note: Some settings depend on the chosen layout.

Gallery Information

Use two separate filters based on product or category to curate your collection. When enabled, Idukki will showcase posts in the following order of relevancy- 1) Product > 2) Category 3) Rest of the others


Filters will not show up on the page you've installed the widget. It'll work in the backend and provide the best possible results based on customer's interaction with your website.

Choose the sorting method and the order


Advance: Fine-tune the appearance and functionality of your collection. You can adjust the size, scroll speed, and style of your layout, as well as remove the Idukki watermark if you want.

Gallery Settings
Learn how you can configure gallery settings here.
If you want to display/remove the Idukki watermark from your collection, enable/disable the switch next to “Idukki Watermark”.
You can enable the Flag inappropriate button for posts in your album.
You can enable split carousel. It is limited to carousel layout.

Gallery Settings

Gallery Colors
Background Color- Set a color for your gallery's background.
Stars: Set a color for the stars.
Verify Badge: Set a color for the verified badge for posts.
UGC Text: Set a color for the original UGC text
Date & Time: Set a color for the date & time of post.

Gallery Colors

Gallery Site Uploads

Enable a dedicated button for users to upload posts
Modify the button text and color

Gallery Site Uploads

Note: You can access settings based on the plan you’ve opted for.

Once done, click Update to apply your changes.

Now, you can share your collection with your target audience, but before that, it is better to get a preview of what it will look like.

Click Publish > Preview to check out. After guaranteeing the final appearance, install the widget using the code or email the instructions to your developer.

I hope this helps.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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