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How to Customize the Collection Size

Adjust the size of your collection layout to fit your website and make the most of the UGC media.

To customize the collection size:

Login to your Idukki account and go to Collection > All Collections in the left panel on your Idukki dashboard.


Go to your preferred collection and click Curate.


Select Advance and use the options available under Gallery Settings to adjust the collection size.

Height- Set the height of your collection widget. It is 1000px by default. You can increase or reduce it depending on your website layout.

Width- Adjust the width. The default value is 800px. It is recommended to keep it in proportion to the height.

Scroll Speed- Set the speed at which the scrolling will work inside the widget.

Scroll Interval- Set an interval in ms between scrolls.

Tilt Angle- Incline your collection left or right by mentioning a degree. Normal input will tilt the feed to the right. You can prefix the degree with a minus (-) sign to tilt left.

Custom CSS- Style every aspect with a custom CSS to redefine the appearance of your collection.

Gallery Settings

I hope this helps.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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