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How to Delete a Post on Idukki

Delete or hide any post from your Idukki collection that does not meet your brand standards or not appropriate for the album. This option helps you keep your feed clean and user-friendly.

To delete or hide a post on Idukki

In your Idukki account, go to Collection > All Collections on the left panel.

All Collections

Select a collection to view its posts. The Manage your collection page will open.

Here, you can click the ellipsis in footer of a card and click Hide to remove a post from appearing in the album. The post you hide will immediately gets removed from the album.

Hide Post

Refresh your embedded collection to review the changes.

Idukki provides advanced profanity filtering using which you can restrict posts having specific keywords from appearing in the feed when you create a new collection.

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Updated on: 15/08/2023

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