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How to Edit Banner on Idukki

Banner is a great space to provide any latest or specific information to users when they check out your feed. With Idukki, you can add banners in both header and footer to extract the most out of your UGC collection embedded on your site.

This article will take you through adding and editing a banner in Idukki.

Banners can be effective in the following ways:

Highlight products or services which may excite consumers
Boost engagement and improve the brand authenticity through specific content
Provide latest information to consumers when they check your feed

To add a banner:

Go to Collection > All Collections on the left panel on your Idukki dashboard.


Click Curate for the collection you want to customize.


Select Banner to access banner settings.

In this setting, you will find two options: Top Banner and Bottom Banner.

You can paste URL to pull any image from the web as your banner at the top and bottom of your feed.
Also, you can make the banner clickable by adding URLs in the desired field to redirect visitors to specific page.

Edit Banner

Click Publish or Update to secure your changes.

To edit a banner

Replace the existing file or URL to update your banner.

Once done, click Update to make your changes live.

I hope this helps.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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