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How to Edit Existing Collection on Idukki

Once you've curated a compelling collection centered on Idukki, the ability to customize it to your liking becomes effortlessly attainable. Simple steps allow you to make modifications with ease. These edits encompass adding new content, tagging products, pinning posts, hiding specific entries, seeking user approval, and sorting posts that may contain profanity. Unleash your creative prowess and transform your Idukki collection into a truly captivating experience.

To edit a collection,

Log in to your Idukki account

Go to Collection > All Collections on the left panel. Here. you will find a list of your albums. Click the name of a collection to manage.

Open Collection

You can perform the following using the respective action buttons:

Add feed- Update your collection with new UGC content by sourcing more posts.
Add media- Import posts from your local storage. Also, you can upload a CSV file to add multiple files directly at once. We have provided a CSV template, you can download and use to import data.
Tag products- Click the tag icon and your post will open. You can switch between hotspot tagging and manual tagging. In hotspot, you can click on the product in the post and select its name from the list.
Pin posts- Click the pin icon to include your favorite posts appear at the top.
Get approval- Click the “pending” icon to seek approval for using the post in your collection from the original user.
Hide posts- Click the “eye” icon to hide a post from your collection.

Edit Collection

You can also mark a post as profane if they breach your publishing standards.

I hope this helps.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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