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How to Embed Instagram Feed on Weebly

Showing your Instagram feed on your Weebly website is a breeze. You don’t have to deal with any coding or complex tools. You just need to embed an HTML code to display your Instagram posts on your site and wow your visitors with your social media content. In this article, we will teach you how to embed an HTML code to display Instagram feed on Weebly in a few easy steps. You will also discover how to create and customize your Instagram feed using Idukki, a platform that helps you create and curate stunning social media albums. Let’s begin!

1. An Idukki collection
2. An up-and-running Weebly website

Adding & Curating Collection

Create and curate beautiful collection of posts suitable for your Weebly website. Follow these steps:

Create your collection with an Instagram feed. Follow this guide to learn how.

Add Feed

Manage your collection by pinning or hiding posts, using a profanity filter, and tagging products. Follow this guide to learn how.

Edit Collection

Post edit, click Publish and select Curate my feed from the prompt screen to design your collection and adjust the details to suit your brand. Follow this guide to learn how.


You can also use custom CSS to style your widget, depending on your plan.

Click Publish and click the Copy Code icon to copy the HTML code. Save it for later use. You can also preview your collection.


Idukki recommends Carousel layout for Instagram feed to embed into your site.

Embedding in Weebly

Once you've curated the collection in Idukki which is ready to publish, you can add the embeddable code to your site. To do so:

Sign in to your Weebly account and open the site editor.

Edit Site

Go to the page where you want to embed the code.

Select Page

Click + button > Section and pick the Embed code section.

Add Section

In the editing panel, click Embed code and paste your code in the text box. you can use different customization options on the side panel to enhance your section.

Customize Section

Preview the changes and then click Publish to make them live.

You can make additional modifications to the embed code section using the site editor in Weebly.

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Updated on: 15/08/2023

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