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How to Embed YouTube Video on Wix

Wix is a popular website builder where you can embed custom HTML code to display a collection of YouTube videos created by users mentioning products from your catalog. In this guide, you'll learn about creating a YouTube videos collection in Idukki and how to embed it into a webpage of your Wix site.

A YouTube video collection in Idukki
An up-and-running Wix website

Creating a YouTube Collection

Here are the steps to create a feed of YouTube videos using Idukki:

Select YouTube as the source and choose a channel, a playlist or hashtags to get videos. Learn how.

Add Feed

Hide or pin videos and use the profanity filter to edit your collection. Learn how.

Edit Collection

Add only user-approved videos to your collection. Learn about user-rights management here.

Change the appearance and layout of your collection to customize it. Learn how.


Preview your collection and copy the HTML code from the Publish button to embed it on your website.


Embedding into Wix

Log in to Wix account.

Click the Plus icon (+) at the top on the left panel of the Wix editor to add elements.

Hover over Embed Code and choose Embed HTML under Popular Embeds (chosen by default).

Embed HTML

Paste the HTML code snippet in the HTML Settings dialog and click Update. The content will be displayed in the element on your site.

View Collection

Adjust the size and position of the element as needed. You can also modify its settings.

Use the single-click stretch option to make your widget occupy the full width.

Preview the new widget and publish it to make it available for your visitors.

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Updated on: 15/08/2023

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