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How to Get Rights for Your Media on Idukki

Showcase the media content that your shoppers share on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, among others and boost your brand’s credibility. Before you use any photos or videos posted by users, make sure you ask for their permission first.

This article will take you through the user right management feature in Idukki.

Before proceeding to the how, let's us understand the "Why"?

Asking for permission help you build trust and loyalty with customers by letting them know that you value their opinions and work
You directly communicate with customers and create a positive brand image.
You do not violate any privacy laws.

Here's how you can seek approval from the original poster of a particular media in Idukki:

Go to Collection > All Collections on the left panel of your Idukki dashboard.

Select a collection from the list.

Open a Collection

Navigate to a post and click the three vertical dots or the kebab menu icon to access additional post settings.

Please note the User Rights Management depends on your pricing plan.

Click Get Approval.

Get Approval

An overlay will open having the following info and options:

The media with the content on the left part of the overlay.
The fields with placeholder content on the right side. You have the customizable message section to add as a comment on the post. Your Instagram username which you would request the user to mention along with the approve hashtag.
There will be a link to the terms and conditions.
Lastly, the approve hashtag which users would use in their reply to grant the right.

Right Management

Click Preview to see how your comment will look like.

After the user has approved the request, you will see the green checkmark on the Right Management icon on the post.

I hope this helps.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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