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How to Import Your UGC Media Collected Outside of Idukki Platform

In addition to sourcing posts from the social media platforms, Idukki lets you import media which are suitable for publishing in an album. You can import single or multiple files and add them to one or multiple collections at once. Through this, you can create a more inclusive platform for your customers and build trust among them for your business.

To import UGC Media to a specific collection:

Open the Manage Collection page by clicking a collection title under All Collections.

Open a Collection

Click Upload Media on the header navigation. A website overlay opens.

Upload Media

3.1. In the Upload Media dialog, you can add files in the given format from your local storage. Click Upload a file to pick the media, add their description, and click Upload Now.

Upload a File

3.2 To upload a large library of media at once, you can use the Upload CSV File option. Select the CSV file to upload, add a description, and click Upload Now.

You can download the sample CSV file by clicking the link and using the same format for your CSV file to upload images correctly.

Upload CSV

Your new media will appear in the Imported Posts section from where you can add it to any collection.

To import UGC Media to multiple collections at once:

Go to Collection > Imported Posts on the side panel.

Imported Posts

Here, you can find the imported posts. So, if you have already imported any files to a specific collection using the above method, they will appear in the Approved tab.

Approved Posts

Else, you can click the Upload Media button and follow the steps to import files.

In the Approved tab, go to a post and click Select Collection. A drop-down with collection names list will open. Check the box where you want to add media and you're done.

Select Collection

Note: The Imported Posts section will also have posts submitted by your customers. Learn more.

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Updated on: 15/08/2023

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