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How to Review Uploaded Media and Add to Collection

Uploaded media by the customers is an excellent way to boost your collections and build your credibility by showcasing more UGC content. However, not every submission can be appropriate for your album. Hence, Idukki provides the option to review the media before approving it for a collection.

To review uploaded media and add to collection

Go to Collection > Imported Posts on the left panel in your Idukki account.

Imported Posts

On this screen, you will find uploaded media by the customers and yourself categorized as: Approved, Pending, and Rejected.

Media Type

The media uploaded by customers will be under Pending tab. You can approve or reject them using the respective buttons.

Pending Posts

When you reject a post, they will move to the Rejected tab. Here, you can mark them as pending or approve them for use in collections.

The media you import which are collected outside the Idukki platform, they appear under the Approved tab and you can add them to any collection.

Rejected Posts

Once you approve an uploaded post, you can click Select Collection button and pick the album where you want to publish this post. You can select single or multiple collections at once.

Select Collection

Learn more about managing collections.

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Updated on: 15/08/2023

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