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How to Tag Products to Your Media on Idukki

With product tagging, you can increase your sales by showing user-generated content that builds trust with your customers. You can link one or more products to a single post and display them according to how they match the product/category page. This article will teach you how to tag products to your media in Idukki.

Tagging products will:
Improve conversion rates by letting people discover and purchase products directly from the post
Enhance customer experience through seamless and convenient way to buy products
Establish the trust factor through social proof by displaying products in context

Here's how you can tag products in a feed:

Go to Collection > All Collections in the left panel on your Idukki dashboard.

Select a collection to edit. The Manage Collection page will open.


Navigate to a post and click the three vertical dots or the kebab menu icon to access post settings.

Select Tag Products. An overlay will open to pick the type of tagging you want to use.

Tag Products

You can tag multiple products from your catalogue in one post using manual tagging, which is the default option. While in hotspot tagging, you can click on specific parts of the post and choose the product you want to tag from the list.

Note: In manual tagging, you cannot tag products precisely in case of multiple product tagging.

Manual Tagging

If your plan has hotspot tagging, you are recommended to use it over manual tagging.

Tagged Products

If you use hotspot tagging---- After you've tagged the product(s), you can see the plus icons on the post. Click on it to view the tagged product or remove the tag.

Tagged Products

You can only tag one product if it is a video. The option to switch between tagging methods won't be available.

I hope this helps.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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