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How to Upload Products on Idukki

Idukki allows you to add product catalog in addition to importing it from Shopify or CSV file, to help customers shop it when they engage with the UGC media of an album. The uploading of products is a straightforward process which requires you to enter key details and save.

To upload products on Idukki

Go to Products on the left panel in your Idukki account.


The options to Import and Add Product are available in the top-right. To upload a product, click + Add Product.

Add Product

Enter the following details related to your product:

Product URL

Also, you can add single or multiple image URLs and provide the price. You can also set the product status as active or inactive based on its stock availability. You can also add a rating for the product.

Product Details

Once done, click Save.

Category becomes important when you are curating a collection and apply the category filter to help customers interact with the media containing the most relevant products when they are on a product page.

To import products

You can bring in your product catalog from Shopify or a CSV file to add to your Idukki account.

Click Import and select CSV or Shopify from the drop-down menu.

Import Products

Note: You will get the Shopify option only when you have registered on Idukki via Shopify.

When you click CSV, you will get a pop-up to upload the CSV file.

For proper importing, download the sample CSV file and fill it in with your product details as mentioned in the sample. Leave the cells empty which are unavailable for your products.

Upload CSV File

Select the file and click Upload Now. You will see the updated list on your screen.

Upload Now

Importing from Shopify

When you are importing products from your Shopify account, select Shopify.

The Shopify account which you have linked with Idukki will open. Else, you will be prompted to connect your Shopify account and proceed.

Once done, Idukki will seamlessly import your products from Shopify.

I hope this helps.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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