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How to Use Profanity Filter

A profanity filter is a tool that automatically scans text for offensive language and either censors it or flags it for further review. Idukki uses a filter algorithm to censor content containing offensive language. As a moderator, you can review the censored content while sourcing the data for your collection from Instagram or YouTube and decide if you wish to ban or allow them. The primary purpose of the profanity filter is to ensure the content displayed is appropriate for all users.

Note: The Profanity Filter is available on specific plans. Check our pricing here.

To use profanity filter in Idukki

Log in to your Idukki account.

Go to Settings on the side panel and navigate to the Profanity Filter tab.


Turn on the filter and click Add. A pop-up will open in which you can mention words to create a list which will help you flag the questionable posts for your brand and prevent them from showing up on the feed.

Profanity Filter

Note: Idukki has a default list of words which are inappropriate and won't show up in your posts. However, you can always edit the list as per your preference.

Alternate Method

You can view a post in your collection and add words from the post directly to your profanity list, as and when required.

Profane Post

Note: Profanity filter is a paid feature. Check our pricing plans for more details.

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Updated on: 15/08/2023

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